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architecture + video = patterning

Recently my friend Ana and me checked out some music videos from talented artists we like. Nowadays in the music scene the video became at least as important as the piece of music itself.

With the time it occurred to me, that a lot of those videos are dealing with alienated spaces, especially those of singer and songwriter Banks. (

In a lot of her videos the space itself gets a very surreal dimension and all the rational elements, including herself as a human being, get that much woven within the space, that we stop seeing 3D and just see patterns. The materiality also plays an important role in it - starting with all the mirrors and ending with the thousands of light installations to create this kind of infinite space or pattern.

But maybe this whole idea was also based on Yayoi Kusamas "Infinity Mirrored Room – Filled with the Brilliance of Life" in 2011.

The walls and ceiling of the room are mirrored, and the floor features a shallow pool of water. Visitors walk through the room on a walkway made of mirrored tiles. Hanging from the ceiling are hundreds of small, round LED lights that flash on and off in different colour configurations. The pinpricks of light in the otherwise darkened room appear to reflect endlessly in the mirrors, giving the viewer the experience of being in an apparently endless space, broken only by points of light in the darkness.

Pattern or not - I think that video setting is going to become a very important valve for daring architectural concepts and will offer new possibilities to the scene of architecture.

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