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As an architect and designer, I consider myself an open-minded person who develops a critical attitude toward his work by constantly redefining the role of the designer in the process of creating, researching, and exhibiting.

After learning a pragmatic approach to design practice at a higher technical school, I decided to extend my technical knowledge to the architectural design process.

After graduating from engineering school in Mödling, I moved to Vienna and started working in different offices in the field of product, interior, and architectural design. During my studies of Architecture at the Vienna University of Technology,

the AA architectural association and the EPFL Lausanne I developed a typology-innovative and context-aware design agenda.

I broaden my perspective on design through international workshops, in order to be part of a wider architectural discourse.

Working with focus, humour, and clear communication is for me key to good design.


As a practising architect, I stay true to my arguments while creating qualitative, interactive, and site-specific spaces. These are my central design objectives.

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