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it's always the planners fault

Recently I visited the construction site of a small project I'm doing. At that day we had at least one representative from every profession that was going to do something in the next 40 days there. So a sort of chaos was to be expected…

After a lot of debates & discussions the meeting ended after 5 (!) hours. Which proofs, that no matter how small the project itself is, the work is not getting less too. This was my first experience to really be that involved in the construction process of a project that I was part of since the beginning of the draft - so of course I was shocked that with every single recognized "mistake" that came up, the planner (therefore me and my colleges) were the first ones to be accused.

After the official meeting I had a private Talk with our Client and the building master, in which he praised us for our work and for staying strong against being accused all the time for everything.

But I guess thats how it rolls - we have to take the responsibility for everything.

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