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it's a wrap!

yes it's performing-arts-award time again and since I left junior drama school back in my teenage days, it hits me every year around this time again: I've been working in the field of architecture/engineering for a little while now and thanks to a encouraging conversation with my good friend Tamara, I decided to escape comfort zone and take courses in dramaturgy and scenography.

The university of applied arts in Vienna has a great stage design class. I've been searching for a appropriate intersection between architecture and film/theatre for a long time, but somehow I couldn't figure out, what my real desire in this field was. Architecture school and work have been going pretty good so far and people kept telling me, that I'll have success for sure. Of course it's nice to hear something like that from friends, professors and former chef architects! Nevertheless I felt a little bit underestimated in a weird way; Now, watching awesome movies like LaLaLand, Moonlite and Manchester by the Sea, and discussing the impression with friends and colleges, they recognized that my main attention was given to the scenery and the dynamic between the figures in the space. So there we go! I'm taking this class and I'll see what happens next.

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